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The RcWorld Cup 2014 took place at Almussafes track. This event has brought together the best drivers in Spain, so the race was like a national championship race with an excelent atmosphere.

With the high level we could see on Saturday, we knew the race would be hotly contested, both in sleeves and subfinals and finals. We could also see that most of the drivers would fight to win the race.

The race day started really well and in hotly contested qualifying Fabio Barbosa scored the pole position only 200 milliseconds in front of the second classifier.

First four finalists were:

1. Fabio Barbosa Araujo - XRAY NT1

2. Nacho López Lluch
3. Oscar Romero Sayago
4. Joaquín Signes - XRAY NT1

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Notice the presence of two XRAY between the 4 cars which went direct to the final. Another distinguished driver was Joaquin Signes, who is not commonly seen in this category, but if he continues, we will talk more about him.

In the final, Fabio went out without any trouble, mantaining the pole position and the lead he didn't loose until the end of the race. Behind him, we could see some interesting fights between drivers like Victor Pelaez , Inaki Pahissa , Nacho López , Juan Hidalgo or Joaquín Signes. The positions changed many times depending on number of pit stops. Overall it was a final without incidents. It was very clean race, and of course very funny.

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The final result of the race was:
1. Fabio Barbosa Araujo - XRAY NT1
2. Juan Hidalgo Garrido
3. Joaquín Signes - XRAY NT1
4. Jorge Revert Tatay
5. Oscar Romero Sayago
6. Carlos Ferrando
7. Nacho López Lluch
8. Inaki Pahissa Lopez
9. Rubén Olivares Munoz
10. Victor Pelaez