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Race report by NN-modellismo
Another fantastic weekend of racing in regional championships divided into North, Center and South.


2nd Race for the Regional North 1/8 TT and 2nd victory for XRAY driver Pedro Miguel Sousa. This race took place in Avanca a town near Aveiro on a great sunny day with temperatures around 27 degrees and with a presence of 47 drivers. After morning qualifications Team XRAY had 2 drivers in the final.

Pedro Sousa and Francisco Ferreira in the final had a great run, showing how quick and easy to drive the XB8 is. Pedro Sousa dominated the race and already had an advantage of comfortable gap when ran into engine problems and a new fight for the top places started again. Francisco Ferreira also in the fight would finish in 5th position.

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1. Pedro Miguel Sousa - XRAY XB8
2. Hugo Cunha
3. Nuno Filipe Ferreira
4. Gabriel Magalhaes
5. Francisco Ferreira - XRAY XB8/FX Engines
6. Rui Reis
7. Ricardo Abreu
8. Carlos Dias
9. Carlos Cardoso
10. Diogo Chaves

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This race took place in Maçainhas, a town in Guarda.

1. Helder Barros
2. Joel Mendonça
3. Ricardo Simao
4. Rui Brites
5. Tiago Parreira
6. Tiago Vieira - XRAY XB8
7. Luis Simoes - XRAY XB8

8. Pedro Rodrigues
9. Sandro Taniça
10. Frederico Novo - XRAY XB8


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1. Antonio Peixe
2. Luis Bento
3. Nuno La - XRAY XB8
4. Andre Guerreiro
5. Joaquim Regueira
6. Jorge Pereira - XRAY XB8
7. Bruno Costa
8. Luis Ferrao
9. Pedro Frieza - XRAY XB8
10. Vladyslav Lyubarov