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XRAY T1FK has been awarded the best belt driven touring car in the world by Xtreme R/C car magazine.

US based R/C magazine Xtreme R/C Cars, tested the world\'s best touring cars over a two month period, at the end the clear winner was the XRAY T1 Factory Kit. XRAY is extremely happy and proud to receive such an honorable award. This is independent confirmation that what XRAY has been doing is really the best!

In the short time XRAY has been producing car kits which have quickly worked their way up to the elite end of the market, taking on the best the world has to offer. XRAY’s simple strategy is to design and manufacture the very best R/C cars in the world. XRAY’s current platform, which we are very happy with, has proven time over time that it can win at any level of worldwide competition. The current T1FK has captured the most prestigious races of the year including several US National titles and taking honorable TQ at the 2004 European Championship.

The high performance of the car has also received valuable independent awards for quality and workmanship.

If you have been looking for a high performance top quality R/C car, look no further than XRAY.

To share the celebration, please read the latest issue of Xtreme R/C Magazine. XRAY has prepared the download of the T1FK award pages, which you can download here. Now you can read a few quotes from the long-term test from which the T1FK was the winner:

"Not only was the XRAY the fastest car on the track the final day, but out of the nine touring cars that Xtreme tested over the past two months, it was the only car that was consistently the fastest and near the top on each day of the test."

• One of the smoothest, nicest cars we've ever felt right out of the box
• Fast and controlled on the track, with minimal setup changes
• Excellent fit and finish
• Includes a lot of eye candy, plus a one-way

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"The car was just as smooth and easy to drive on the last day as it had been on the first day."

"The XRAY was burninating the competition."

"Check out how light that XRAY is."

"...XRAY definitely showed what it had to offer."

"...XRAY was unflappable in every condition."