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Race report by Martin Wollanka
It was a nice weekend for me. I quickly found a good set-up for this track. In the first qualifying run I made a mistake but my lap times was fast enough for place tow 0,1sec behind Dominic Bauer. In the 2nd qualifying I made a clean run and finished 0,2sec in front of Dominic.

For the next two runs I changed from 3 degree toe-in on the rear to 3,5 degree and from that moment my car was really easy to drive and I was the only driver who made 8 laps in qualifying run 3 and 4 so I secured the TQ spot.

In the 1/2 final the track changed from low grip to high grip so I changed my Proline Blockade Tires from X3 to X2 but my car had a low grip set-up and I finished my 1/2 final on 2nd place and got starting place number 3 in the Main Final.

For the Final I changed my diff setting and shock setting in only 25 minutes, a big thanks goes to my mechanic and the easy work on the car.

The car was then much faster and I had really good speed in the first 10 minutes I had to fight a little bit for the lead with Dominic but once I was in the front and pulled away from the pack it was all my run. I made 45min. with no mistake and could drive 9 min with my FX engine, so after 43 min. I was more than a half lap ahead the runner –up. I made a safety pitstop and finished with 20 seconds margin.

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Final result:
1. Wollanka Martin – XRAY XB8

2. Bauer Dominic
3. Kargl Rene

+40 Final:
1. Hubert Christian – XRAY XB8

2. Maun Klaus
3. Steinbock Gerhard