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Race report by NN-MODELISMO

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Last weekend the 3rd round of Portugese National Championship series took place on the east part of the country at the track where European Championship 2010 was held. This track is well known for being very hard and demanding not only for the drivers but especially for the cars, tires, engines. The track with a lot of cement and being very hard is a real test for “everything“. The XRAY team was present in full force and once again proved the great performance of the car and the flawless team work of the entire team with sweeping the entire podium making it 1-2-3 for the XB8. Thanks to all XRAY drivers for perfect work and cooperation.

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Final results:
1. Miguel Matias XRAY XB8
2. Nuno Rebelo “Tapas” XRAY XB8
3. Bruno Coelho XRAY XB8

4. Joao Lopes
5. Tiago Aguiar XRAY XB8
6. Nuno Casal Ribeiro
7. Joao Figueiredo
8. Ricardo Monteiro
9. Miguel Pires
10. Carlos Dur?es
11. Gonçalo Melo
12. Rui Brites