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Last weekend the 4 round of the swedish cup were held at the Bor?s outdoor track. It was the last outdoor race this year in Sweden and a good bounch of drivers showed up incl. 4 euro A-Finalist. The race was run with round-by round system with 3 best of 5 rounds counting. And later in the day 3 finals for all finals.

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The qualification started in round one with a win for Joel and second place to Andreas. The second round switched with Andreas first and Joel second, and in the third round it was again Joel who took the win in front of
Andreas. The 4 round saw a little change with Joel winning again and securing pole but this time with Viktor at second place. The last qual. Viktor won and secured 3 spot on the grid.

Qualification Results:
1.Joel Myrberg Xray
2.Andreas Myrberg Xray
3.Viktor Wilck Asso
4.Alexander Hagberg Xray
5.Jonas Andersson Schumacher

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First Final was easy win for Joel as he led from start to finish 3-4 seconds in front of Andreas and another half lap down to the fight for third place that was taken by Jonas A. Second final started with Joel rolling over to
the grass entering the track again at last place.

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Andreas took over first place but after some mechanical problem he had to retire and Viktor was left to the victory in this final and Joel could in the end drive trough the
field and finish 2nd. Last final started with a nice overtaking by Andreas into first place. Andreas then had bad luck again and lost a wheel and had to retire. This left Joel to an easy win and 2nd and 3rd went to Jonas A.
and Viktor.

Final standing: click to enlarge
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1. Joel Myrberg (1-2-1) 2 Xray
2. Viktor Wilck (6-1-3) 4 Asso
3. Jonas Andersson (3-4-2) 5 Schumacher
4. Alfred Widmark (4-3-6) 7 Asso
5. Alexander Andersson (8-5-5) 10 HPI
6. Andreas Myrberg (2-9-10) 11 Xray
7. Tommi Torikka (7-10-4) 11 Schumacher
8. Alexander Hagberg (5-6-8) 11 Xray
9. Mathias Larsson (10-7-7) 14 Asso
10. Niclas Jacobsson (9-8-8) 16 ?

Next round is indoor at Staffanstorp and last round will take place at Procar Open later this year!