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Race report by Paco Raap
Instead of the North of Holland all 70 drivers went to the south on the renewed BOMB race track. In 2013 the track was full dirt and grass. For 2014 the club prepared a nice full astro turf track with challenging jumps. After the rain of the first buggy cup race the predictions of this race weekend were dry and sunny with temps around 23 degree Celsius.

Saturday as always allowed the drivers to practice and find a correct set up with tyres and other car physics. With a mixed field of Xray drivers using the XB9 and XB8 platform to run around 3 mm sway bars was a good choice. Although the track was dry some drivers opted to use the Schumacher Spirals RAIN tyres.

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Sunday morning at race day again 68 drivers showed up. In the morning the track was a little damp from the night fog but all around grip and traction were OK. Qualifications went on their way and XRAY XB cars performed well in the large field. The track dried more and more and so most drivers changed to the TOUREX tires.

The A-main final place 7 to 10 were all XRAY cars. Sander van Genechten running the XB9-13 finished at place 10, with youngster Jarno Pijpers still running his XB9-12 nicely finishing just in front at place 9. The winner from the ? A final Danny van Orsouw switched to the XB8 managed to finish at place 8. Kevin Cornelis the XDAP RC Connect driver managed also running the XB8 to climb from the ? final into the A main final were place 7 was his finishing spot.

All in all a good day for all Xray XB9 and XB8 drivers.

Due to his A main finish Jarno Pijpers was also awarded as winner of the hobby class.

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Final results sportsman class:
1. Kay Koops
2. Jasper Schoonackers
3. Paul Geelen
4. Kurt van Vlemen
5. Jarno Pijpers - XRAY XB9 (winner of the hobby class)
6. Jorg van Leuken
7. Kevin Cornelis - XRAY XB8
8. Mark van Waayenburg - XRAY XB8

9. Jasper van Duppen
10. Jordy Velder
11. Bart Mullink - XRAY XB8
12. Danny van Orsouw - XRAY XB8
13. Sander van Genechten - XRAY XB8