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Race report by David Kukla
The 3rd round of Offroad cup was held in Kolin. The new track for this year was awesome. Especially the surface – one of the best surface I have ever tried so far. The track was open with great traction.

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In Friday's evening I started a free practice with XB8. I tried a lot of changes on my car and it resulted great speed and easy to drive. In the morning on Saturday's practice I used XB4. The car was slightly nervous and aggressive. I changed a shock position and put a front stabi. After that, car was in excellent conditions and therefore easy to drive.
The race started 3 rounds of qualifications. My cars were perfect and I'd got TQ in both classes. In 8th nitro I was 2-3 seconds on best lap faster than the other fast guys.

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The finals in 8th nitro buggy were formated like electric 10th – three finals A and B for 12minutes.
I easily won all finals in both classes and I enjoyed each run on the track.
Overall, the race went smoothy and we experienced an amazing race with friendly atmosphere and lots of fun. The XRAY cars dominated in both classes.

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TOP5 Results :
1:10 4WD

1. David Kukla – XRAY XB4’14
2. Martin Kořínek – XRAY XB4’14

3. Kája Novotný
4. Roman Kořínek – XRAY XB4’14
5. Jiří Vyšín – XRAY XB4’14

1:8 Nitro buggy

1. David Kukla – XRAY XB8
2. Jiří Beneš – XRAY XB8
3. Jiří Dvořák – XRAY XB9
4. Max Götzl – XRAY XB9

5. Jan Hujer

Set-up sheet:
David Kukla XB8

David Kukla XB4