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Race report by Rickard Olsson
The second race of the Stockholm Cup took place on Botkyrka MK’s track which is a high speed track with very technical sections. The qualifications went pretty good for myself, the suspension was working flawlessly on the bumpy track. I made a small adjustment to the caster heading into the qualification and the car reacted exactly as I had hoped. I ended up second after all the qualification heats and was ready for the finals. In total there was four out of the total twelve cars in the final that were XRAY XB8’s. As the final started the TQ driver made a big mistake on the first lap so I managed to make a pass and kept the first place through the whole final, and I had more than 8 seconds down to second place during the whole final. I finished roughly one lap ahead of the second place after solid driving with a very safe but quick car. I really hit the sweet-spot set-up wise for this race with my XB8.

TOP 10 Results:
1. Rickard Olsson - XRAY XB8
2. Sebastian Johansson
3. Michael Kronoström
4. Frederick Cederberg
5. Magnus Berglind
6. Mikael Bertlin - XRAY XB8
7. Matte Österberg - XRAY XB8
8. Mattias Trotte - XRAY XB8

9. Elvis Schyberg
10. Mattias Fransson

Set up sheet:
Rickard Olson XB8