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Race report by Jason Nugroho
The third round of Jakarta Regional Buggy Championship was held this Sunday at Graha Raya Track, Serpong, West Java. A total of 33 drivers attended this event. The race format should be 3 rounds of 10 minutes qualifying times with 2 best rounds to count. The finals were run in 4 groups A-D with 5 drivers bump up.

After race director sorted the final grid position from overall qualifying point, I got position no. 3 for main final A. I pulled a clean start without any collision and I tried maintain 2nd-3rd position until the end of race.

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Main final A result after 45 min race:
1. Adrian Wicaksono (TQ)
2. John Agus
3. Jason Nugroho – XRAY XB8
4. Faisal Ali
5. Darmadi Kurniawan
6. Jeffry
7. Deslina Nenenk
8. Indra Liono
9. Rizky
10. Jiriel K

Set-up sheet
Jason Nugroho