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Another end-of - week fantastic for the accomplishment of a regional championship, the league was divided into 3 trials North / Center and South

3rd race, 3rd consecutive victory for the XRAY pilot Pedro Miguel Sousa.
This time the race took place at the Vilela track, on a very cloudy with rain perspectives day. Temperatures around 19 degrees.

In this event there were 43 pilots present.
After the qualifying session that occurred in the morning the XRAY team managed to qualify 7 pilots directly to the semi-finals: Joel Soares, Vítor Tomás, Francisco Ferreira, Pedro Miguel Sousa, Ricardo Martins, Samuel Silva and Hugo Correia.

After the semi-finals Francisco Ferreira got the best position to start the final, followed by Pedro Miguel Sousa that would start in the 2nd position and finally Ricardo Martins in 5th.

In the final we assisted to Francisco Ferreira leading the vast majority of the race, setting a very fast pace that only Pedro Miguel Sousa could keep.

Pedro would make his final move 3 minutes before the race end, overtaking Francisco, and with that securing his 3rd victory in a row. Nevertheless Francisco got the 2nd place with a brilliant performance.
Also Ricardo Martins managed to climb some positions finishing the race in 3rd position, revealing the dominant position of the XRAY team in the race: 3 cars in the 3 podium places.

Overall it was a fantastic result, with a great teamwork from all the XRAY pilots. For that we would like to thank to all involved that made this possible.

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Top 10 result:

1. Pedro Miguel Sousa - XRAY XB8
2. Francisco Ferreira - XRAY XB8
3. Ricardo Martins - XRAY XB8

4. Carlos Cardoso
5. Hugo Cunha
6. Fernando Almeida
7. Nuno Miguel Duraes
8. Nuno Filipe Ferreira
9. Carlos Dias Silva
10. Joao Andre Rodrigues

By Reason of having a bad weather the proof has been postponed

The 3rd round of the Portuguese South Regional Championship took place at the Évora track. Was a demanding race with drastic weather changes that put racers and equipment to a test.

In the qualification I battled along with Vasco Rodrigues for the TQ. Vasco ended up taking it with just 1 point more than me. During all morning track was completely dry with very high grip and our cars were well dialed with us just making small adjustments on the setup so that the car didn’t rolled over in tight corners. 1st Semi-Final came with Vasco Rodrigues, Nuno La and António Andrada (all racing XRAY) securing their passage to the Final.

In the 2nd one I was able to get a clean start and lead it quite comfortably until heavy rain came. Race had to be interrupted and track completely changed its characteristics. The high grip was gone and some sections were in very bad condition. We had to wait until rain stopped and the Semi had to start over again. Meanwhile I changed my tires to deal with the wet conditions of the track. Comfortably secured my place in the Final along with Pedro Frieza (also racing with X-Ray).

In the final I’ve made a real bad tire choice. I thought that the track was still very wet and slippery but it turned out to be almost completely dry with a lot of grip again. In the first 15 minutes I was still with a very good pace leading the race but has track kept drying I wasn’t able to maintain the fast pace and Vasco appeared strong. I battled along with him for a while but in the last 10-15 minutes his tire choice made the difference has track kept getting more and more grip he kept improving and I had to let him go along with António Peixe leaving for them the battle for the win.

In a quite epic end Vasco took the win in the last lap. A fair prize for him and for me also, both of us failing in the previous 2 races because of minor technical problems that cost us a place on those finals. Nuno La made the 7th place, Pedro Frieza the 8th and António Andrada 11th.

XRAY the most present brand in the Final.

Overall it was a great race with the cars well dialed and working flawlessly.

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Top 12 results:

1. Vasco Rodrigues - XRAY XB8
2. Antonio Peixe
3. Flávio Matias - XRAY XB8
4. Luis Bento
5. Bruno Costa
6. Joaquim Regueira
7. Nuno La - XRAY XB8
8. Pedro Frieza - XRAY XB8
9. Miguel Santos
10. Vladyslav Lyubarov
11. António Andrada - XRAY XB8
12. André Guerreiro