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Race report by David Kukla
Last qualification race for main German national was held in South Germany closed to a small city called Laupheim this weekend. There were around 70 drivers.

On Saturday was sunny hot weather and I started a few rounds of practice and 2 qualification rounds. I was looking for right setup, trying some change and different tires. In the first qualification my car was not so bad but unfortunately flame out. I was disappointed because I had to push for next 2 rounds, because 2 rounds was counted of 3.

In the second qualification, I decided to try and risk with catapult tires. My car was great, much better and easy to drive, maybe I drove little bit too much careful and consistency without big crash, I did some small mistakes only but speed potential of car was huge for last qualification round and final races. I finished 2nd overall in this round. I was looking forward to the last qualification and finals race on Sunday, I was confident with my car.

But all night and Sunday morning was raining. Organizer decided about end of the race, because next rain was expected. I was sad, because I was looking forward for great battle. Overall result was counted from 2 rounds of qualification and just one was counted. For me it was 3.place overall.

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Top 10 results Expert:
1. Stefan Byesse
2. Hannes Kaufler
3. David Kukla - Xray XB8
4. Alex Schmitt
5. Andreas Ertl
6. Martin Bruckner
7. Luca Rau
8. Nick Stadler
9. Pascal Sass
10. Felix Offner

Top 3 results Hobby:
1. Ralf Bauer - Xray XB8
2. Lars Wunderlich
3. Christof Sbielut