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Team XRAY Canada attended the 2nd annual “smack down” championship race held by Over Geared racing. The race marked the end of the summer outdoor season and is always a highly competitive event. This year was no different, with factory racers from Tamiya, AE, Losi, Speedmind and of course XRAY attending.
The event was to be held outside but due to a bad forecast the 3-day event was moved to a indoor asphalt track. Friday started with the team sorting a set up for the low bite track. By the time practice had ended we were pretty happy with how the team cars felt.

Frank Bortolazzo, dominated the opening rounds of Touring stock (the largest entry of the event) with his Fantom/SMC powered FK. Round by round Frank improved on his TQ time until the 4th round where the AE car of Blake Bell took pole. Frank answered back in round 5 with an amazing pace to set a new TQ and hold it.
In 19 turn Korgae Scales quickly coming to grips with his new FK looked good, Korgae set the early pace in round one setting TQ. In round 3 Peter Robinson edged out Korgae for the TQ. The time held for the remaining rounds.
Modified had both Korgae Scales and Keith Yu running XRAY in the top 10 all weekend long. Both drivers’ cars looked good, but the inconsistent spec tires proved very hard to drive with modified motors. Pete Robinson had found something and it showed as his car was on rails to claim the TQ. Dan Garber of Tamiya qualified 2nd with Keith Yu in 3rd and Korgae in 4th.

The mains:

Stock A main- Frank lead from pole and did not look back, Franks pace was outstanding and really showed the crowd just how fast a belt car is in the competitive in the stock class
19 turn finished just how it started Peter lead Korgae for the full five minutes to claim victory. Korgae finished 2nd ahead of Team Associated’s Dave Palmer.

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Modified was the best race of the weekend. After a quick start Peter lead Keith, Dan and Korgae. Korgae made a move to get by Keith and move into 3rd place. Lap 2 had Peter make a mistake and Dan Garber of Tamiya moved into the lead. Dan went wide going onto the straight and Peter and Korgae both slipped by and quickly added some time between them and the rest of the pack.

The next 4 and half minutes were intense as both Peter and Korgae raced and swapped positions. On the last lap Peter tapped a board and spun, Korgae got caught up in it as well by the time the Korgae was straight again both Dan and Keith had got by to take 2nd and 3rd.
In closing the race was a lot of fun, with drivers from both Eastern Canada and the USA the driving was superb from everyone that made the A mains. The event organizers put on a great show, which was geared at promoting our great sport. XRAY Canada was proud to be there, we will be coming back again.

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Hello my name is Frank Bortolazzo and I am a driver running for team XRAY Canada. I recently attended the 2nd annual 2004 North West Smack Down with my T1 Factory Kit I practised with the car on Friday with the factory setting and found the car to be loose a little, so I lowered the roll center to the lowest setting and found the traction I needed. The track was a very technical with low grip. The hand out tires for this race (ING 27), took some time to get use to. My FK was awesome. I have never had an R/C car that was so easy to drive it simply fit my driving style.

The whole race I had full control of the car and even if I got off line it was very easy to get the car back on pace. I also would of liked to try different setting on the t1 but because there was not enough time I left the car as it was. I am so happy to receive this T1 and hope I can TQ and win every event as I did in this race. So a big thanks to Canada R/C and XRAY for taking me on to promote and to drive the XRAY for them.

Thank you
Frank Bortolazzo