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Race report by Paco Raap
Race 4 which was planned at the Stoppelhopser track in Oberhausen Germany was canceled due to the rain pooring down on the Saturday nigth before the race. The track was flooded. So race 5 was the next stop and this time the weather was fine and the complete opposite. At the new Off-road Rockers track in the North of the Netherlands the Saturday was giving us a 35 degree Celsius outdoor temp. On half sand and half artificial grass track it was key to find a compromise set up for both surfaces.

Some XRAY drivers did well and found a good set up.

Sunday although some rain was predicted, it stayed dry and less warm then the Saturday but 28 degrees and partial cloudy it was still warm. When qualifiying went on its way we saw the XRAY XB8 from Danny van Orsouw being the fastest qualifier and taking the 2 extra pole position points. The finals were not easy as the sand part of the track changed from flat to a MOON surface with lots of ruts. So it was key to keep the car going and not flip over. The 1/2 A final there were 5 XRAYs and we saw RC-Connect XRAY driver Kevin Cornelis taking the lead and finishing first claiming pole position in the A main final. Danny van Orsouw was also good on its way to step up to the A main final but a driveshaft popped out in the front and finished 7 th. Beside Kevin also Mark van Waayenburg made it to the final.

The 1/2 B final it was Sander van Genechten driving the XB9’13 edition to be the fastest and moved to position 2 in the A-main final.

The sandy part of the track got worse with more ruts so clean driving was the best option.

With 3 XRAYs in the A main final the race was on. Bart Mullink was to quick and took the lead. Behind him the battle from position 2 to 7 was fully open. One mistake on the rutted part and the standing changed very quickly. Kevin Cornelis had a flame out which cost him 1 lap while driving on position 3. He became 6 th in the end. Mark van Waaijenburg drove well too but also made some mistakes finishing 5th overall. Sander van Genechten was a different story driving his best race ever finishing with one lap down on the leader on position 2.

Race result:

1. Bart Mullink
2. Sander van Genechten - XRAY XB9
3. Jasper Schoonackers
4. Paul Geelen
5. Mark van Waayenburg - XRAY XB8
6. Kevin Cornelis - XRAY XB8

7. Edwin Heijmans
8. Björn Nagels
9. Sikko Pander
10. Anne Storm