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Race report by Martin Wollanka
The race took place in Jaidhof on a small track with very technical jumps.

The race began on Saturday with practice and qualifying runs. In this cup were Nitro Truggy, Nitro Buggy& E-Buggy categories won the home driver Kargl Rene followed by Dieselbacher Thomas with his XRAY XB8. In the Truggy class Manuel Trinko had a really good speed. I could only on Sunday race with my E-Buggy because I missed some electric parts so I drove only Nitro.

After the first 15min. of practice on Saturday I felt that my car have good set-up and I change only the front Anti roll bar to 2,3 because the track was a little bit slippery and the most off the corners were very slow.

In my first Qualy run I made some mistakes and finished on 5th place. The first qualy run was very lucky for some guys and bring some funny moments. The next run I was driving really patiently without mistakes and I had good lap times. I won this run with 8 sec. gap in front of the home driver Rene Kargel. After this run I had secured a third starting position. Dieselbacher was on 2nd and Kargl on the top position.

In the semis I was battling with Kargl. I was driving always on his rear and waiting but he didn’t make no mistakes about 10 minitues so I started to try to overtake him and the play has begun. After a while I was on the front but then I started losing the concentration and made a mistake so the lead changed again. It was close and fantastic battle until I got hit from another driver in an unlucky situation and I found myself out of the track. I was able to finished semis on the second position.

I the final Kargl had the pole and I was on second before Dieselbacher on 3 position. After 3 laps I made a big mistake. I came in the traffic so it was more difficult to win when I had to overtake all at the field. Kargl was a half lap in front so I had to push. I was driving 1 sec. faster on the one lap than the home driver. I was approaching fast to the 3rd place and after a quick stop in the pit I succeeded. After 20 min racing I was on 2nd place but it was trying to find the way how to catch up with rival before we cross the finish line. I was losing 10 seconds on the Kargl. Luckily for me at the end when I was already first Kargl burned out so I finished with two laps gap in front of him and I’m taking the win from this exciting battle.

Final result:

1. Martin Wollanka - XRAY XB8

2. Rene Kargl
3. Andreas Scharinger
4. Werner Spannbruckner
5. Matthias Zeilinger
6. Thomas Dieselbacher – XRAY XB8
7. Alexander Trinko
8. Stefan Scheuenpflug
9. Jurgen Stumptner
10. Alexander Schrattenecker