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Report by NNmodelismo – XRAY Portugal
Another end-of - week fantastic for the accomplishment of a regional championship, the league was divided into 3 trials North / Center and South

This time, the race took place on the track Freixedas, on a very hot day with temperatures around 35 degrees.

After the qualifying session that took place in the morning the XRAY team managed to qualify 4 pilots directly to the semi-finals: Victor Tomas, Francisco Ferreira, Pedro Miguel Sousa, Samuel Silva. 3 XRAY pilots had qualification for the final. Francisco Ferreira started in 3rd place fighting since the beginning of the race for 2nd place. Francisco Ferreira for the 2nd consecutive time put the FX engines in the Podium at the Regional Championships.

Pedro Miguel Sousa started in 2nd place in the fight for the podium during a long time of trial, but after 2 flame-outs caused the pilot ends up in 6th place. Still guaranteeing the 1st place at the Regional Championships.

Samuel Silva walked in the fight for 5th and 6th place but due to a technical problem caused the pilot finished in 11th place.Overall it was a fantastic result, with a great teamwork of all pilots XRAY. For this, I would like to thank everyone involved who made this possible.

Final result:

1. Fernando Almeida
2. Carlos Silva
3. Francisco Ferreira - XRAY XB8
4. Nuno Ferreira
5. Rui Reis
6. Pedro Miguel Sousa - XRAY XB8
7. Ricardo Abreu
8. Paulo Pinto
9. Carlos Cardoso
10. Joao Pina
11. Samuel Silva - XRAY XB8
12. Ruben Simoes

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The race took place on the track Ortigosa, on a very hot day with Temperatures of around 30 degrees.

Two XRAY pilots have qualification for the final. Luis Simoes started in 4th place standing fighting since the beginning of the race for 2nd Place. Frederick imposed a fast progress getting demonstrate an easy car to drive. Ending up in 4th place.

Final result:

1. Marco Neves
2. Luis Simoes – XRAY XB8
3. Nuno Almeida
4. Rolando Caseiro
5. Abell Carrolo
6. Frederico Novo - XRAY XB8
7. Helder Barros
8. Pedro Rodrigues
9. Filipe Cardeira
10. Joel Mendonça
11. Sandro Taniça
12. Luis Lopes