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The all-new XB8E is an Electric Evolution of the new XB8 platform…designed & built based on one of the most successful 1/8 off-road cars. The XRAY off-road R&D team – including Chief Designer Juraj Hudy and European Champions Martin Bayer, Reno Savoya & Miguel Matias – have combined their knowledge, expertise and dedication to transform the XB8 into the most advanced 1/8 electric off-road car. Extensively tested in real race conditions by the Factory Racing Team around the world, and finely tuned to provide you the fastest & best handling car to bring you to victory.

Evolution... Extreme... Excellence... Exclusive... Electric...XB8E

Follow the official release in full details on 1st August 2014 at:

Official: www.teamxray.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TeamXray
Twitter: www.twitter.com/TeamXray
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/TeamXray
G+: www.google.com/+TeamxrayRC