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The second race of electric off-road challenge was organized in Blatni Dol, Slovenia.

The track was still slightly wet in the morning due to night rain, so it was quite slippery. By the first of qualifications the track began to dry and it was promising us a nice racing day. We had three qualifications. I was exploring the limits how far I can push the car. The traction on the different parts of the track was different, hence I made some small mistakes and finished qualifications in 2nd place and start position in the A final. Due to narrow track it was very difficult to overtake, therefore I had a goal to start the best I can and stay on the track on all four wheels. At the final run, we had dry conditions promising a super final battle for the podium. After start of the first round, I was second constantly battling with Nejc for the lead and in the end I managed to win. In the second run I made a breakthrough to the first place immediately after the start and kept it until the end. Similar had happened in the third round when I immediately did a big gap between the second and enjoyed the ride. I finished all three final runs as the first and I also had the best time of the track.

The car was great to drive through the entire race day, so I could focus only on my driving. It was also a great day for XRAY, as there was four XRAY cars in the A final.

I would especially like to thank the company TOP-RC for all the support

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Final result:
1. Andraž Štefe – XRAY
2. Nejc Oražem – XRAY

3. Andrej Abramič
4. Jurij Kurnik
5. Dejan Cigler
6. Uroš Ploj - XRAY
7. Rok Pongrac
8. Grega Hrovat
9. Sašo Kramljak
10. Jan Pernarčič - XRAY