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The first Austria indoor race was held on 4-5.9.2004 in Wn. Neudorf. At Saturday started the practice in groups and at Sunday were on program 4 qualification rounds (best 2 position were counted into the final), and 3 final rounds.

1:10 – stock
1:10 – modified
1:12 – touring cars

Drivers – 70

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Hubert Honigl was first time on the race with the new Losi (this wasn’t his first experience, he was testing this car some days before the race). For the first time in Austria were more drivers in the stock category as in modified. For the first time was raced also the 1/12 touring cars category with 10 drivers (9 drivers with Xray T1 Mini). In this year are also the Take Off CS 22 tires allowed.

Final results after qualification:
1. Martin Hudy XRAY
2. René Kolbl ROBITRONIC
3. Hubert Honigl LOSI RXS
4. Michael Kramer LOSI
5. Toni Eder ASSO
6. Thomas Wegrostek XRAY
7. Martin Polster XRAY

8. Ch. Kaltenmesser LOSI
9. Alfred Falbl XRAY
10.Georg Wurger HPI

13. Oskar Malatinský XRAY

Finals: click to enlarge
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The fight for the 1st place was more-less between Martin Hudy and Hubert Honigl. The first final won Martin one second for Hubert. Martin made in the 3rd minute mistake which take him on the 2nd place, but he has managed 3 laps to go to clean overtake Hubert for which has earned a big applause in hall.

The second final won Hubert Honigl for Martin, Martin was leading the whole final but he can not stretch his lead because of the slower drivers. Hubert also overtake Martin 3 laps to go. Martin finished 2nd, one second behind Hubert, on the 3r place finished Kolbl which was a quarter lap slower. The last final won Rene Kolbl. Martin made in the first lap mistake and turned up on the corner dot. Hubert followed Martin and made the same mistake, but his car does not holded the hit. Martin finished 4th. Two drivers had the same number of points, but Martin had for an one second faster final time so he was the winner.

Final results:
1. Martin Hudy XRAY
2. Hubert Honigl LOSI JRXS
3. Rene Kolbl ROBITRONIC
4. Thomas Wegrostek XRAY
5. Martin Polster XRAY

6. Michael Kramer LOSI
7. Ch. Kaltenmesser LOSI
8. Toni Eder ASSO
9. Georg Wurger HPI
10.Alfred Falbl XRAY