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Race report by Paco Raap
The Dutch Buggy cup series was gathered for the 6th race at the Fivelcrossers track in the north of Holland. Due to overnight rain from Saturday to Sunday the full Astroturf track was filled with puddles of water. With some good work from the local club members and the racers the track was cleared for almost all water quickly. So during the first dry period this day the first qualifications were started and could be ran.

The XRAY drivers were able to pick up their pace with a wet track setup and set a good first round. Then the rain poured down again heavily and the race was delayed and the track needed some clean up again. 1,5 hours later we could run the 2nd qualification series and during the middle of the 3th round the race had to be aborted again for the rain. The last two heats still needed to be ran to complete a full qualification series of 3. Again the track was cleaned up and there we saw the best performance of the day for some drivers despite the still wet and dampy track. As the race was too much behind on its time schedule and the prediction of more rain the organisation decided to count the best result of the qualification rounds as final result for this race.

Jasper van Duppen (youngster ) took the first place. It was Jarno Pijpers the upcoming youngster of 13 years old running in the Hobby class on his first race with the XB8 to win the Hobby class. But he also had the second qualification time which gave him the second place overall in the race.
Paul Geelen finished 3 rd.

Final results:

1. Jasper van Duppen S
2. Jarno Pijpers H – XRAY XB8
3. Paul Geelen
4. Jasper Schoonackers S
5. Mark van Waayenburg – XRAY XB8
6. Wouter Bouwens S
7. Danny van Orsouw S – XRAY XB8
8. Anne Storm H

Thanks to all members from the Fivelcrossers club to have this nice venue to race on.