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Race report by Martin Wollanka
The 3rd round of Austrian championship was in Jaidhof. We started on Saturday with two hours practice. The car felt really good with my standard setup for this low grip track. Than we had 4 runs of time practice. I tested some changes on my setup. I won 3 practice from 4. The first Qualifying was canceled because it was raining.

On Sunday my first Qualifying run was not so good I made some mistakes. The problem was that my shock setting was too hard for this very cold weather. So I wait for more temperature. I drove the 2nd run with the same shock setting and it went better but not good enough. I finished on position 3. After that run I was sure that it was too cold day for this shock setting so I made it softer. After that change the XRAY was fast enough for a TQ run and I do that and make overall position 2 after the Qualifying.

For the semifinal I tested softer wheels and other tires. It worked better so I decided that I will drive them also in the final.

In the A- Main final I had starting position number 2 and behind me was Kargel Rene. After the start I drove 2 laps behind him and then I overtook him at the jump section. I had a very good speed. After 15 minutes I had the shock situation, I hit with full power on the strait with one wheel a pipe form the fence crazy but it I didn’t have nothing broken so I could drive until the race finish and I won the race with one lap gap to the second place Karner Martin and on third home racer Kargel Rene.

In the Austrian Championship I won 3 from 3 races.

Final result:

1. Martin Wollanka – XRAY XB8

2. Martin Karner
3. Rene Kargl