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The MSC cup is the largest carpet cup in Sweden, with lots of competitors in both 12T Modified, 27T Stock and 12th scale. The control tire for modified is Sorex 28 with odourless additive.

The first round was held in Örebro this weekend, with all the top drivers fighting it out for the first 50 points in this round.

At friday practice I ran a very neutral setup to get the feeling for the track, (traction was super low). I did some motor and additive testing instead, but I had clearly the fastest laptimes and average laptime so I was happy with both the car and the driving.

The saturday began with two practice rounds, I ran my car with the same setup as yesterday and it was great! Had lots of steering and I could drive very fast in the tight section of the track. Schumacher driver Magnus Vässmar was right on my tail tough, Arvid Stenberg was also fast with his Xray car.

In the qualifiers I tried out my new SMC packs, and they were great! I ended up TQ 1 sec in front of Magnus. 3rd was Yokomo driver Tommy Bergfeldt and Arvid Stenberg was 4th.

Qualifying results:

1. Alexander Hagberg
2. Magnus Vässmar
3. Tommy Bergfeldt

In the finals I battled out with Magnus for the win, in the first final we shifted positons a few times but I won the first main closely followed by Magnus. Second final I made no mistakes and could get a small gap, and cruise to victory. Also Arvid Stenberg finished third, 2 Xrays on the podium!

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I want to thank the Myrbergs for showing up and helping/supporting me, Thank you!

Final results:

1. Alexander Hagberg XRAY

2. Magnus Vässmar Schumacher
3. Arvid Stenberg XRAY

Setup of Alexander Hagberg is available for download here.

Race report by Alexander Hagberg