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RAce report by Suwardi Suliandy
3rd Round of SIS Challenge 2014 was held at SIS Track Jakarta on August 3rd. More than 90 entries joined Stock 13.5T, FWD, M-Chassis, Short Course On-road, TT-01 Sportsman and 1/12 class.

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In the most popular class of the event with more than 30 entries, the Stock 13.5T, Nicholas Lee took TQ, followed by Suwardi Suliandy (XRAY) and Heri Susanto (XRAY). Dimas Ardian and Ronny Suwarto (XRAY) completed the top 5 starting position.

In the 1st 13.5T Final, Nicholas Lee pulled away and took his first win, followed by Ronny and Suwardi. Nicholas once again won the 2nd Final after a close battle with Suwardi and Heri Susanto, securing him the 1st podium place. In the last Final, Nicholas did not start, Suwardi took the lead followed by Heri and Ronny. Ronny was able to take over the lead and won the 3rd Final.

Final result, Nicholas Lee won the 3rd SIS challenge, followed by Ronny and Suwardi in 2nd and 3rd place.

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Stock 13.5T A Final Result:
1. Nicholas Lee
2. Ronny Suwarto – XRAY T4
3. Suwardi Suliandy – XRAY T4

4. Kris Heriyana
5. Heri Susanto – XRAY T4
6. Robert Hendrawan
7. Dimas Ardian
8. Abang – XRAY T4
9. Deny Rusli
10. Denny Pangestu