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Race report by Alessio Menicucci
The first round of Roma Shock Championship took place on 7th September on T5 Track in Rome, Italy.

Drivers were divided in 2 classes: Modified and 17.5 No Timing. Weather was perfect eighter on Saturday or on Sunday, sunny and very hot. My car was perfect on Saturday and it allowed me to register the new track record. On Sunday the track was dirtier and it forced us to change the set-up on our cars. We have run 3 qualifications, taking only the best one to draw up the starting order for the finals. XRAY T4 was perfect again and I was able to win.

Final Ranking Mod:

1. Alessio Menicucci – XRAY T4
2. Alessio Valentini – XRAY T4

3. Simone D’Ottavio
4. Valter Cola
5. Alessandro Manciocchi