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Race report by Soren Boy Holst click to enlarge
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Sunday 10/10-2004 we had the first indoor race in the local series in Broendby, just outside Copenhagen. The track is a permanent indoor track, and hosts 7 races during the winter season.
6 of them are for a local series (open for everyone), 3 is also for the Danish Championships, and 1 race is part of another championship.

In the modified class the qualifying was a close race between Martin Ring with Yokomo and Soren Boy Holst with Xray T1FK. Soren set the fastest time in first round, but Martin took TQ in the second round, with 0,7 sec. Soren tried to take it back in third round, but as always this track gets slower during the day, so it wasn’t possible. The track-building isn’t isolated, so the track changes when the moist in the air changes.

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In the finals we had Martin on TQ, Soren 2nd and Michael Praest, Corally on 3rd place.
First final Martin took the lead from pole, but after 4 laps Soren made a perfect move at the end of the main straight, pretending to go on the outside, and the dived inside just 1cm from the track barrier, and thereby taking the lead. – After that it was just cruise control for the next 4 minutes.
In the second final Soren took the lead on first lap, again with a good pass, without touching the car in front. – Once again the way to the finish line was no problem.

The last final was fun time. Passing and then waiting for the other guys to have some close race, but unfortunately hit a curb, so the rear camber link popped of.
But no problem for the overall victory, and Soren also set he’s best laptime ever.

In the stock class there was a big surprise. Martin K. Sorensen (better known as “The Swede” – Because he always races the day after a good trip to the city, with loads of alcohol), won both first and second A final, with starting position nr. 6 – Martin’s car was perfect, and Martin didn’t make any mistakes, so a good and well deserved victory for Martin and Xray.

Results from the first round of Pilegaards Cup 2004/05 click to enlarge
(click to enlarge)
12T Modified:
1 Soren Boy Holst Xray T1FK

2 Michael Praest Corally
3 Martin Ring Yokomo

27T Stock:
1 Martin K Sorensen Xray T1Raycer
2 Nils Jensen Xray T1Raycer
3 Kenneth Jensen Xray T1Raycer