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The young only 13 years old driver Jarno Pijpers wins the round 6 of the Dutch championship with his XB8. He did an amazing job in his second year of his RC driving. He wins the hobby class but also the sportsman class with his XRAY XB8.

In the qualifying he was 3rd and then he was able to win semifinal. Now he is hobby champion.

He started the season with XB9 2012, but the Dutch XRAY importer - RC Connect saw his talent and provide him with new XRAY XB8. Now he is paying back with a win.

Final result:

1. Jarno Pijpers - XRAY XB8
2. Jordi Velder
3. Jasper van Duppen
4. Sander van Genechten - XRAY XB8
5. Mark van Waayenburg - XRAY XB8

Mark van Waayenburg win the 40+class.