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Race report by Alexander Hagberg click to enlarge
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The second round of the MSC Carpet cup was held in the the town Falun, northern Sweden. As always there were a lot of competitors in both Mod, 27T and 12th scale.

The track was small and tight, but yet very fast as the traction was really high.

I changed a few things since the first event in Örebro, the first thing was to put on stiffer springs, this made the car more stable and more reactive, also to reduce chassis roll when I ran the lower ride height. I used 3 degrees of antisquat on the rear to add some rear traction, and the car was brilliant, very easy and fast - all day!

In the qualifiers I tried to stay cool and have some clean runs, so I took the TQ spot with a whole lap down to second place, Tommy Bergfeldt with his Yokomo.

Qualifying results:

1. Alexander Hagberg
36 - 5.06.02
2. Tommy Bergeldt 35 - 5.06.80
3. Mattias Ericsson 35 - 5.07.13

The finals were almost the same, I could drive quite safe and win while the others were fighting for the other podium places.

Also an amazing performance by the new kid on the block, Mattias Höddelius, winning his C-Main in style and taking home the D-licence trophy! Good job!
Mattias was using almost the same setup on his T1 Evo2, and it worked really well.

This was the second round of the cup and im looking forward to the next round as my car is just getting better and better!


1. Alexander Hagberg Xray T1 FK

2. Tommy Bergfeldt Yokomo SD CGM
3. Mattias Ericsson Schumacher Mi2