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Race report by Fanatix
The last round of 1/8 buggy championship took place in Athens at Zorri track. Team XRAY-Greece was presented there by Fanatix. The weather was sunny and hot and the track very difficult. Tasos came from North of Greece to compete against the local drivers who raced at the same track 1 weekend ago. He started with a great pace and took the first qualifier. He finished 2nd at the 2nd and 3rd qualifier but he won again the last qualification round with the best time so he took the TQ of the day.

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The final was 45 min at that demanding track. Tasos started very fast with locals Makropoulos, Tsigkos and Perogianakis who were the podium racers last weekend behind him to push very hard. At the 2nd refueling Tasos had a major problem with a small stone between chassis and front arm and he continued the race with the front shocks not working properly. He raced that way for at least 10min and he lost the leading place with a 11sec gap. At this point the surprise of the race Zagorisos has worked very hard and was all over him fighting for 2nd – 3rd place. Zagorisos drove so well and he was 2nd from 10th and Paparegas continued with the 3 shocks car. At the 25min of the race he made a mistake and crashed the car hardly on a pipeline and finally the stone felt out of the car and from that point on he raced a flawless race, he managed to take the lead again and easily won with the other XRAY driver at the 2nd place.

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Final result:
1. Paparegas Tasos - XRAY XB8
2. Zagorisos - XRAY XB8

3. Makropoulos
4. Papanikolou
5. Perogianakis
6. Koudouris
7. Paparegas John - XRAY XB8
8. Tsigkos
9. Anapoliotakis
10. Vlachopoulos

XRAY drivers Tasos become Champion of 1/8 buggy and John Paparegas become Vice-Champion. XRAY buggy is the dominant car and Champion for 5th consecutive year.

Tasos thanks Fanatix, XRAY, all sponsors and his family for supporting him for another flawless year.