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Race report by Valentin Hettrich
At the weekend of 25-26 of October the first carpet race of the season was held in Ingolstadt.

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From the start Valentin Hettrich showed the rest of the field that he did not want to give anyone any chance to even challenge him this weekend.

First qualify he started in the middle of the field, worked himself thru until he got some traffic free laps and then he put on some lighting speed and never looked back. Valentin took all 5 qualifiers in style, even against some well fast drivers.

There was no discussion. TQ, best lap time and that consistently. He did some small changes and adjustment during the qualifiers, like putting on 2.6 springs rear instead of 2.5 and 50wt thicker oil rear and longer wheelbase. This made the car easier to drive, especially thru the chicane and keeping the corner speed up.

Finals started and Valentin took off. After 1 minute he backed off some and just cruised the remaining minutes just making sure not to take any risks.

For the second final, Valentin increased the camber from 1.5 to 2 degree on the outside tires as there was many more right hand corners and he wanted to make sure that the car should stay more consistent during the 7 min run and keeping the tire heat more controllable.

This worked like a charm and Valentin was furiously fast on the track and with one win already in the bag he now pulled out all the speed he had.

New track record and a perfect ending to a great weekend.

Winning the race, TQ in all qualifying rounds and secure win in the A-mains in a very convincing way. The new XRAY T4´15 with the ARS worked flawlessly.

Also thanks to Andreas for setup tips.

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Final Result:
1. Hettrich, Valentin – XRAY T4’15
2. Strung, Stefan
3. Kornprobst, Sven
4. Neubert, Clemens – XRAY T4’15
5. Botzenhart, Florian
6. Landinger, Christian
7. Drießle, Christian
8. Vogel, Tobias – XRAY T4’15
9. Paul, Steffen
10. Uhlendorf, Nicolai

Valentin Set-up sheet.