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Race report by AndraĹľ Ĺ tefe
The last race of Slovenian Electro Challenge was held in Blatni Dol on October 18th and the win for the title was still open. I needed to finish at least fourth to defend my first position of the series.

In the morning practice I did a few laps to see how the car drives, because I was driving totally new built car out of the box. I made a few adjustments on the car settings to adjust the car to my driving style and track conditions.

Qualifications began and I was immediately fast. I was the first in the qualifications and also set the new track record. I was pleased with the car performance concentrating for the last three final runs. In the finals I won twice and in the second race I finished 2nd.

With the win of the last race in Blatni Dol I also won overall Slovenian Electro Challenge 2014 off-road series. The series had 6 races on different Slovenian tracks.

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Final result of championship:
1. AndraĹľ Ĺ tefe - XRAY XB8E
2. Žiga Pajek
3. Dejan Cigler
4. Jurij Kurnik
5. Nejc OraĹľem - XRAY
6. Sašo Kramljak
7. Andrej Abramič
8. Uroš Ploj - XRAY XB8E
9. Jan Pernarčič - XRAY

10. Aleš Zupanc