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Race report by Karsten Hartinger
Last weekend the LRP-HPI-challenge took place at full time carpet indoor track in Leipzig in 5 classes. Fastest class was stock class with 10,5t blinky mode. This class saw many fast guys like Fabian Ehrhardt, Tony Streit and 8th scale drivers Michael Kammer and Merlin Depta.

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It was XRAY driver Fabian Ehrhardt who took the honor of starting from TQ spot in front of former ETS stock class winner Tony Streit and Karsten Hartinger (XRAY).
Just some tenth of a second made decision over starting ordner 1,2 and 3.

After 7 minutes Fabian won the first a main easily with a 1,3 seconds gap. 2nd A main saw a hard overtaking manoeuvre from Tony over Fabian. So Tony crossed the line in front of Fabian and Karsten.

Tight fights are showed in all a mains. Clean start in the all deciding a main number 3. In the end it was Fabian who took the win in the last main and also the win over Tony Streit and Karsten Hartinger. Fabian uses the new active rear suspension and Karsten the „normal“ rear suspension.

It was a great achievement for XRAY cars with 3 cars finishing in the top 5 and 5 cars in the top 10 in the fastest class of biggest rc electric onroad race series in germany called the lrp-hpi-challenge.

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Stock top 5:
1. Fabian Ehrhardt - XRAY T4’15
2. Tony Streit
3. Karsten Hartinger - XRAY T4’15
4. Merlin Depta
5. Sven Müller - XRAY T4’15