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Race report by Jerome Meile
It was my first race with the new XRAY T4'15! I finished in qualy on the 1th place. The car was very fast and easy to drive on the track.

The final runs were very difficult. In the first final run I finished on the 2nd place and Beni Stutz was in the front.

Second final I had a clean start and won the second final, Beni took the 2nd place.

The last final won Sandro Kuriger and I finished on the 2nd place again, but because I had the faster final run than Beni I won the 1.SIC 2014/2015.

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Top 3 result:
1. Jerome Meile - XRAY T4'15 (TQ)
2. Beni Stutz
3. Sandro Kuriger

Thanks to T&M Models for the great support!