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Race report by Janos Birinyi:
The Hungarian On-road National Championship was held at Budapest last week. The local XRAY Team finished on the podium in every category, stock, super stock, world GT and Modified.

Stock category:

I was a bit worried at the start of the day, because I couldn't run good lap times at the practice day. Hopefully I could prepare everything correctly for the qualifying when it was important. I could run fast laps and with no mistakes, I won all three qualifying with 3 second lead.

I knew that the finals were going to be exciting as there were many good drivers behind me on the grid. With perfect starts I could get away from the rest of the field and won the first two finals with 9 and 5 seconds lead and secure the final victory.

In the last final I used an older tire and ran a close race during the whole 5 minutes with my teammate, but I could also win that main so it was a 100% day for me.

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Stock Top 3:
1. Janos Birinyi - XRAY T4'15
2. Péter Miko - XRAY T4

3. Viktor Kiss

Super Stock category:

In this category Balazs Kalman achieved a good result, starting from second position on the grid, defend it during the finals and he could secure a second overall finish.

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Superstock Top 3:
1. Peter Taal
2. Balazs Kalman - XRAY T4
3. Laszlo Vari

Modified category:

Zsolt Kalnay had a close and exciting fight in this category with the top 3 drivers in all three mains. He finished overall third.

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Modified Top 5:
1. Barnabas Toth
2. Viktor Juhasz
3. Zsolt Kalnay - XRAY T4'15
4. Balint Rajki
5. Zsolt Bajusz - XRAY T4'15

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World GT Top 3:
1. Gabor Lehner - XRAY X10'15
2. Gabor Laszlo
3. Attila Nyitrai