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Race report by David Kukla
Previous weekend we had the second Czech National Championship of 1/10 electric cars. The Championship consists of two races in summer and winter. Both races count.

The first race was on the clay in summer which I won, and the second race was on the carpet last weekend. Therefore I came to the race with the highest goals.
The second national race was held in Prague. It was my first race on the carpet this year and the first race with new XRAY car XB4 15’. The track was super grippy and some landing jumps had hard impact. We needed a safe car on high grip track with good landing. I cooperated with my good friend and teammate Martin Bayer. We were looking for some small changes for very high grip track.

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On Saturday we started with free practice and three qualification runs. I am still in the process of learning to drive with the new car. XB4 15’ is totally different than a previous car, much more easy to drive and stable on the landing. After qualification I got third place, and I achieved same result after three finals races. This result was enough for my overall first national title in 4WD! I believe that new XB4 has a huge potential for every driver. I was extremely happy with my new car.

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TOP 5 Results 2nd national race: 4WD
1. Martin Bayer - XRAY XB4 15
2. Kája Novotný
3. David Kukla - XRAY XB4 15’
4. Marek Schiller
5. Milan Mudra

TOP 5 Overall results Czech nationals championship:

1. David Kukla - XRAY XB4 15’

2. Marcel Dostál
3. Matěj Šulc
4. Felix Uhyrek
5. Jan Vild

Set-up sheet:
David Kukla Set-up sheet.