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The first round of the Czech National Championship was held in Kolin. The Czech National Championship will be run the whole winter indoor season and there will be four races in four different cities around the country, from which the three best results will count.

In the first round were running three classes: 1/10 touring cars - standard & modified and 1/18 micro cars.

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1/10 Modified

The highest competition was as usually in the modified category, where Martin Hudy lost the first final run due a crash that gave chance to the Michal Bok to get important starting points. In the remaining two finals, Martin won both finals, that secured him the overal win, while Michal Bok finished second. Until the last final run, there were five drivers who could capture the third place and at the end it was Vasek Strupek who finished on the third position.

1/10 Modified click to enlarge
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1. Martin Hudy - XRAY
2. Michal Bok - XRAY
3. Václav Strupek - XRAY
4. Michal Němeček - XRAY
5. Zdeněk Hamák - XRAY
6. Erik Muff - XRAY
7. Juraj Hudý - XRAY
8. Martin Kořínek - XRAY
9. Roman Kořínek - XRAY
10. Michal Kreslík - Losi

1/10 Standard click to enlarge
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1. Aleš Pelikán - XRAY
2. Jakub Opa jun. - XRAY
3. Martin Šťastný - XRAY
4. Jiří Tlustý - XRAY
5. Standa Němeček - XRAY
6. Stanislav Marko - XRAY
7. Pavel Magda - XRAY
8. Lukáš Gombík - XRAY
9. Ivo Gombík - XRAY
10. Michal Stehno - XRAY

Micro cars: click to enlarge
(click to enlarge)
1. Martin Šťastný - XRAY
2. Juraj Hudý - XRAY
3. Bedřich Semian - XRAY
4. Adam Dubák - XRAY
5. Petr Beneš - XRAY
6. Ivo Gombík - XRAY
7. Josef Horák - XRAY
8. Lukáš Gombík - XRAY