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Race report by Miguel Matias
The weather finally allowed the 1/8 Off Road Portuguese Cup to be held this last weekend. The overall result was good: TQ, win in the semifinals and 1st in the final - which I led from the first to the last lap, with a very consistent pace.

The track was tight and slippery and I struggled with the lack of steering when the car was going into a corner. From my usual setup I had to make some changes to the wing, so I would have less lateral support making the car rotate faster. I also tested raising the rear central transmission by 2 mm which gave me a little bit more rotation and allowed me to use a little bit more down travel. For this kind of slippery conditions I also used active center diff which helped me with traction.

Final results:
1. Miguel Matias - XRAY XB8

2. Ricardo Monteiro
3. Joao Figueiredo
4. Gonçalo Melo
5. Fernando Almeida
6. Helder Barros
7. Joao Rodrigues
8. Rui Rodrigues
9. Joao Mendonça
10. António Peixe