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Race report by Alexander Hagberg
The 4th ever Charity Race was held at the permanent facilities of RC Landia in Scandiano, Italy. The race was sold out with 150 entries split in 4 different classes.

I managed to take a convincing win in the 1/12 category. Taking the TQ position by full points and winning the first two finals with a big margin, as well as setting a new lap record, it was a perfect weekend. The X12'15 package that I am running now is just great and works for all tracks with only minor set-up changes. XRAY finished on the runner-up position as well with Mattia Rinaldi running X12.

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In the Modified touring car category, the team was unlucky to not finish on the podium, with Martin Hudy being the most fortunate one, finishing 4th overall after consistent driving in the finals. Our cars were working well but we just couldn't put it together at the right time in qualifying and the story continued through the finals.

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Marek Černý won the stock category after a strong performance, in front of XRAY team mate, the fast Italian Mattia Collina.

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In the Formula category, Francesco Martini took the XRAY X1 prototype to 2nd place overall after a close battle with the local driver Marco Donadelli. Francesco had a very strong pace but couldn't find a way pass Donadelli in the finals.

All classes were as always packed with XRAY team drivers and customers from all over Italy and with a few visitors from other countries as well. A big thanks goes out to Alberto Montecchi and Team La Gang for a great event once again - we all hope to come back to Scandiano next year! Until then...

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1/12 results:
1. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY X12
2. Mattia Rinaldi - XRAY X12

3. Jörg Mikael Tiit
4. Nicola Galli
5. Alessandro Bianchi
6. Marcello Galli
7. Claudio Codazzi - XRAY X12
8. Davide Campanini
9. Isacco Fornaciari - XRAY X12
10. Andrea Selva - XRAY X12

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TC stock results:
1. Marek Černý - XRAY T4
2. Mattia Collina - XRAY T4

3. Nico Catelani
4. Andrea Valerio
5. Davide Bertuzzi
6. Nicola Fornasari
7. Marco Puleo - XRAY T4
8. Edoardo Repetti
9. Alessio Tolomelli
10. Simone Leonardi

TC modified results:
1. Ronald Völker
2. Marc Rheinard
3. Kyle Branson
4. Martin Hudy - XRAY T4
5. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY T4
6. Alessio Menicucci - XRAY T4
7. Francesco Martini - XRAY T4
8. Bruno Coelho - XRAY T4
9. Fabrizio Manicardi - XRAY T4

10. Michele Romagnoli

Set-up sheet:
Alexander Hagberg's X12