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Race report by Matt Flake
This last weekend I attended the Leisure Hours Raceway Toys4Tots race in Joliet, Illinois. There was a total of 161 cars entered for this event. Traction was great all day, it did get a little slippery as the temperature dropped near the end of the event but still was pretty good!

After the first round I was 3rd overall. I moved the position of my Trinity battery forward a few millimeters and mounted the new Proline Trifecta wing and it was just what I was looking for. In round 2 my XB8E was great and I was able to put 6 seconds between 3rd place BobO and myself and about 13 seconds back from TQ Randy Cathcart. I did take the win in round 3 because of a technical issue Randy had but couldn't better my qualifying position.

So going into the main Randy Cathcart started #1, I started #2, and BobO started #3. With some great racing between the top 3 I got to the #1 spot early in the main and bounced back and forth between 1st-3rd. I was able to put some space between myself and 2nd but the last couple minutes Randy put on a charge and ended up getting around me on the inside of a corner I went a little too wide on so I ended up 2nd overall 3.8 seconds back. I couldn't ask for a better car and my Trinity power was there when I needed it and my stainless steel Leadfinger racing rear skid plate saved my chassis from the dreaded ware 1/8 buggies get!!

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Top 3:
1. Randy Cathcart
2. Matt Flake – XRAY XB8E
3. Frank Fattore