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XRAY has quickly become a household name in the racing world. What started out as an upstart luxury car has quickly become the best touring car on the market. XRAY not only won the belt-drive segment of the Xtreme Touring Car Challenge, and then took home the coveted title of Best 1/10 Electric Touring Car 2004 from US Xtreme RC Cars magazine. Having such a superbly- crafted machine, with exceptional on-track performance to match, is something almost unheard of. Add to that the countless National titles around the world that the T1FK has won, including the prestigious US National titles, makes the T1FK the best combo of luxury quality and high performance package that anybody can enjoy.

Are you looking for the best? With the XRAY T1 Factory Kit, look no further... you have already a winner!

Download the Award article from Xtreme RC Magazine here.