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Report by Soeren Boy Holst click to enlarge
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Sunday 14/11 we had the second round of the Danish Championships, this time the host was Broendby Racing Club, just outside Copenhagen.
50 drivers attended this meeting, and we saw a lot of action and close racing.

In the modified class, the qualification was a very close battle between 4 drivers. Steen Graversen ended up on pole, securing a new track record, on second place we saw local guy Martin Ring, followed very closely by Michael Praest and Soeren Boy Holst, on fifth place we had the European champ Jonas Kaerup.

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Last final was a very close battle between Soeren and Jonas for the second place. Soeren let Jonas go ahead, and just waited behind him for the mistake. The Xray was so much better and easier to drive, so it was just a matter of time. – Jonas hit a curb, and the car was lying on the track upside down, so Soeren could just put on the good old Xray cruise control, and head home for the second place one more time, and thereby securing the overall second place.

Final results:
1. Steen Graversen Tamiya
2. Soeren Boy Holst Xray T1FK
3. Jonas Kaerup Asso
4. Martin Ring Yokomo
5. Pelle Martin Ass
6. Michael Praest Xray T1R
7. Michael Ravn Xray T1FK

8. Ken Flydal Tamiya

The results of the 27t stock class: click to enlarge
(click to enlarge)
1. Alex Moeller Tamiya
2. Carsten Madsen Xray T1R
3. Kenneth Jensen Xray T1R

Pictures provided by e-image.dk