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Following the recent customer reports of incorrect rear toe-in, we have conducted additional inspections and measurements of the previously run batches of the rear aluminum suspension holder. We found that a certain batch used an incorrect CNC program and were not produced correctly. After assembly on the car, the left and right rear toe-in are not identical. We apologize for any troubles.

A replacement suspension holder will be provided FREE of charge. As we are currently out of stock, we put them into production today, but it may still take several days until we will be ready to ship them to the distributors around the world.

To identify if you have one of these incorrect suspension holders in your kit we kindly request XB4 owners to check their rear left and right toe-in while having the same eccentric bushings installed in the suspension holders. To check the toe-in use a HUDY Set-up System #108905.

If you find a toe-in difference, please contact your distributor who will arrange you a replacement or contact us at [email protected] and please advise your address, SN and the store where the kit was purchased, we will forward you to your national distributor.

Meanwhile, until the corrected holder is available, the difference in the toe-in can be minimized by using the composite suspension holder insert with different eccentricity as needed to achieve the same toe-in.

Once again we apologize for any troubles and thank you for your ongoing support.