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Malaysian Regional Championships (MRC) is the latest 1/8 GP Off-Road League in Malaysia, complimenting the Malaysian National League (MNL). The league is divided into 4 zones, Northern, Southern, Central and Eastern, each zone will organize up to 5 races through the year. At the end of the year, the top 20 drivers from each zone will compete in a final race to crown the top driver for MRC. This MRC is to encourage new racers from each region to gain valuable racing experiencing and confidence before entering the MNL Series.

MRC Central Region kicked of its inaugural race on 1/Feb at the Cempaka Speedway Bangi with 2014 National Champion, Daniel Law leading the field. Qualifying started on a damp slippery track and ended with a blue grooved hard pack track. A best 2 out of 3 heats saw Katoh San take TQ on countback over Kelvin Yong (XRAY XB8). The 1 hour A Main began with a clean start with Kelvin taking the lead after half a lap and stretching it at the first refuel. After 15th minute, a topple which required marshall assistance who accidently touch the flywheel causing a flame out dropping Kelvin back to 10th position. Some hard clean driving allowed Kelvin to retake the lead and win the race.

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Final results A-main:

1. Kelvin Yong - XRAY XB8

2. Danny Teh
3. Kenny Chin

Great drive by Cynthia Lye (XRAY XB8) who had issues throughout qualifying and manage to bump all the way from D Main to finish 2nd in B Main. Awesome driving.

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Final resluts B-main:

1. Ku Chi Seong
2. Cynthia Lye - XRAY XB8
3. Suah - XRAY XB8

Kelvin - “My XB8 was dialed and ran beautifully throughout the race. Thanks to all participants for supporting the race. Big thanks to my sponsors and my fantastic pit crew Cynthia Lye, Suah and Amri for the support and thank you to the MRC organizers and sponsor, RC Pitstop for making this happen. Job Well done.