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The 3rd annual EFRA GP race in Prague was held on the weekend of 27/28th November 2004. As usual, many European top drivers met to compete on the carpet indoor track at this prestigious GP race. Besides plenty of local drivers from Middle and Eastern Europe, the event has hosted such top drivers as current World Champion Marc Rheinard (Germany), Jilles Groskamp (Netherlands), Martin Hudy (Slovakia), Marc Fisher (Germany), Peter Pinish (Austria), Thomas Pumpler (Austria), Vesa Yli (Finland), to name only a few.

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The race format consisted of six qualifying heats, from which the best four counted for the overall final starting positions. The Saturday race program included all qualifying heats. In the first qualifier, Jilles Groskamp set the best result, followed closely by Martin Hudy in second and Marc Rheinard in third. After slightly adjusting his set-up, Martin Hudy won the second qualifier in front of Marc Rheinard who finished second.

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In all the remaining qualifiers the biggest battle remained between the current World Champion Marc Rheinard and Martin Hudy; both racers were extremely close and driving at the same pace. Even in the best qualifying round, after 5 minutes Martin finished within one second of the TQ time of Marc Rheinard. Jilles was struggling in two qualifiers which he did not finish but at the end still managed to qualify third behind Martin Hudy in second and Marc Rheinard in first position.

Only these three drivers managed a 26 laps pace. One of the biggest surprises of the event was upcoming local star, 15 year old Michal Nemecek, who until the last qualifier was still in 4th position, but ended up 7th at the end. Still a great result for the young driver.

Final top three qualifying positions:

1) Marc Rheinard, qualifying results 3-2-1-1-1-DNS, best result 26laps - 5min 8.6sec
2) Martin Hudy, qualifying results 2-1-2-2-2-1, best result 26 laps - 5 min 9.2sec
3) Jilles Groskamp, qualifying results 1-3-DNF-DNF-3-3, best result 26 laps 5 min 11sec

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The Sunday finals were very exciting and extremely close. In all three finals the first 3 drivers separated from the rest of the pack and cruised over the track in dominating style. Marc did not make any mistakes in any of the finals and finished in style start-finish in the lead position, closely followed by Martin who finished within 1 second behind Marc. In the last third final run all top three drivers broke the lap records and set new records:

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1.) Marc Rheinard, finals result: 1-1-1, best lap time 11.55sec
2.) Martin Hudy, finals result: 2-2-2, best lap time 11.62sec
3.) Jilles Groskamp, finals result: 3-3-3, best lap time 11.65sec

Final positions: click to enlarge
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1. Marc Rheinard - Tamiya
2. Martin Hudy - XRAY
3. Jilles Groskamp - XRAY

4. Thomas Pumpler - Yokomo
5. Peter Pinish - Asso TC4
6. Michal Nemecek - XRAY
7. Marc Fisher - Tamiya
8. Vaclav Strupek - XRAY
9. Martin Fish - Tamiya
10. Michal Bok - XRAY