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Race report by Jernej Vuga
Dear racers!

I would like to share my first electric race experience with you! As you probably already know in the winter season 2014/15 we at TopRC organized in cooperation with Modeltek company from Italy a very nice indoor electric event called Winter Electric Series (W.E.S.). There were 3 races on schedule and at the end the champion would be declared based on all 3 races, without discard, so the consistency was very important.

You all know me as a loyal nitro driver, but since I was already involved in this project I decided to try something different.

Since I race 1/8 IC Track car, the XRAY RX8, I searched for something similar also in electric class...the decision was easy...1/12 pan-car...the XRAY X12 2015! It was very important for me because of lack of time to race in a class which is not demanding for maintenance, so it was a perfect choice for me.

First experience: In comparison to the 1/8 on-road car it has so much less pieces, so the assembling was made in a moment. REDS provided me the motor and Sanwa the electronics. The other parts necessary to finish the car were Contact tyres, LRP batteries and Protoform bodies. And it was done!

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Without the knowledge on the tyre additives the first test was...awful...I was really annoyed. But after some advices from my friends (thanks Alex Hagberg, Alojzij, Luka) I started to understand how to manage the tyres. At the end it was all about the the tyre treatment...the car was already a rocket.

I managed to TQ and win all 3 races and also set the new track record. But for sure I could go much faster, if I would practice before the events and really get into this class properly.

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Anyway, I’m pleased about the results I made, but more than my results it was important that drivers with XRAY cars achieved great results for the W.E.S. 2014/15 final classification:

CHAMPION 1/10 Modified class with Alojzij Osvald (T4 2015)
CHAMPION 1/12 Open with Jernej Vuga (X12 2015)
VICE-CHAMPION 1/12 Open with Denis Fink (X12 2015)
3rd PLACE 1/10 STOCK with B.A. Arnaldi (T4 2015)
3rd PLACE 1/10 F1 with Andrej Grebenc (X1)
XRAY was the most used brand by racers in all 3 events!

Here are also the top 10 drivers in each class after final ranking:

1/10 mod:
1. Osvald Alojzij – XRAY T4

2. Vignjevic Goran
3. Holc Miha
4. Gratton Massimo – XRAY T4
5. Davide Abbrescia
6. Orlando Fenili
7. Lipnik Domen
8. Veseli Dario
9. Miklavec Matej – XRAY T4
10. Riccardo Fenili

1/10 Stock 13.5:
1. Tonon Giovanni
2. Bosa Luca
3. BA Arnaldi – XRAY T4
4. Rok Rudl – XRAY T4

5. Hrovat Grega
6. Repetti Edoardo
7. Ghilotti Andrea – XRAY T4
8. Giovanni Battaglia – XRAY T4

9. Davide Abbrescia
10. Kokol Stanislav – XRAY T4

1/10 F1:
1. Stefano Lupi
2. Massimo Gratton
3. Andrej Grebenc – XRAY X1
4. Vittoria Fenili
5. Zoppelletto Marco
6. Francesco Costella
7. Antonio Repetti – XRAY X1
8. De Vecchi Roberto

1/12 Open:
1. Vuga Ĺ . Jernej – XRAY X12
2. Denis Fink – XRAY X12

3. Skolaris Luka
4. Callegari Fabio
5. Valentin Mis
6. Vignjevič Goran
7. Sinopoli Stefano – XRAY X12
8. Marko BoĹľič
9. Koller Bernd
10. Marcic Nejc

So, this was a brief review of my first (and I don’t think last) electric experience. I’m still a nitro driver, but sometimes (winter, bad weather, no mechanic, no time for maintenance etc.) the choice for an electric car makes sense.

I would like to thank XRAY, REDS Racing and Sanwa for their support!
Till next race! Take care!