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The opening race of the new outdoor track was held this weekend at the RC Indoor Oeste. For me it was the perfect weekend, TQ and winning in both classes 1/8 Off Road and 1/8 Electric Buggy.

It was very good to practice with my E buggy, to get used to it and prepare all the electronics so when I go to Neo Buggy race, it's not the first and only one for me in this category.

Everyone at RC Indoor Oeste did an excellent job building a track with a good layout, good technical jumps and excellent clay surface.

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1/8 Nitro Buggy

1. Miguel Matias – XRAY XB8

2. Joao Figueiredo
3. Fábio Ramos
4. Nuno Rebelo – XRAY XB8
5. AntĂłnio Peixe
6. Joel Soares
7. Pedro Rodrigues
8. Pedro Santos
9. Miguel Santos
10. Pedro Gomes

1/8 E Buggy

1. Miguel Matias – XRAY XB8E

2. Nuno Roque
3. Pedro Dias
4. Carlos Candido
5. Luis Godinho
6. Jorge Gomes
7. Redolfo Maia
8. José Travassos
9. Filipe Laginha
10. Rodolfo Santos

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