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Race report by Lorenzo Crolla
The week started great for Lorenzo Crolla in 4wd with 3 TQ in 5 rounds. First final was very challenging with Lorenzo and Ludovic fighting for 1 place but unfortunately Lorenzo made a mistake which put him to 5th place. In the 2nd final Lorenzo drove inconsistently and made some mistakes and again finished 5th. In the 3rd and last finals Lorenzo had a good start but one mistake cost him lead and need to fight back for the first place. In the last round Lorenzo was able to regain 1st place. Finally it was Lorenzo who finished first overall thanks to 2 seconds leading in front of Ludovic.

In the 2wd it was Valentin Peuziat who reached the podium after some good racing. In qualifying took the XRAY’s Mathieu Brier TQ but in final along with Lorenzo made few mistakes which cost them podium finish.

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Final result 4wd :
1. Lorenzo Crolla – XRAY XB4
2. Ludovic Valtier
3. Julien Formentin
4. Mathieu Briere – XRAY XB4
5. Sylvain Gallo Selva
6. Stephane Deroch – XRAY XB4
7. Valentin Peuziat – XRAY XB4

8. Florent Jadot
9. Alexandre Privat
10. Raphael Robert
11. Olivier Demonfumat
12. Jean Baptiste Geneau

Final result 2wd :
1. Nicolas Risser
2. Julien Formentin
3. Valentin Peuziat - XRAY XB4 2WD
4. Ludovic Valtier
5. Sylvain Gallo Selva
6. Mathieu Briere – XRAY XB4 2WD / TQ
7. Lorenzo Crolla –XRAY XB4 2WD
8. Vincent Formentin
9. Olivier Demonfumat
10. Stéphane Deroch
11. Julien Bruniere
12. Julien Parnot

Set-up sheet:
Set-up sheet from Lorenzo