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The first buggy race for 2015 took place in Athens. XRAY had a strong team. Weather was great for racing, sunny and not so hot. The track layout was new. Paparegas brothers were there from Saturday morning trying to adapt their driving to the new track layout and the changes of the track. Sunday after qualification Tasos brought his XRAY XB8 at the first place on the grid easily.

1. Paparegas Tasos – XRAY XB8

2. Kodouzoglou
3. Zagorisos
4. Makropoulos
5. Paparegas John – XRAY XB8
6. Koudouris
7. Papanikolaou
8. Anapoliotakis
9. Vlachopoulos
10. Perogianakis

The final was very easy task for Tasos and his reliable xb8. He started 1st, and he finished 1st one lap ahead of his brother John in 2nd place also with XB8 and 2 laps ahead the third place driver.

Final results:
1. Paparegas Tasos – XRAY XB8
2. Paparegas John – XRAY XB8

3. Kodouzoglou
4. Perogianakis
5. Zagorisos
6. Vlachopoulos
7. Anapoliotakis
8. Koudouris
9. Makropoulos
10. Papanikolaou

30 min B final won another XRAY driver George Abdel.

Great start to the 2015 season for XRAY buggy team. Congratulations to the pit crew Antonis and Efi Paparegas for great organized work.

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