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Race report by János Birinyi and Zsolt Kálnay
The 4th round of the Hungarian National Championship was in Budapest at the local carpet track. Many XRAY drivers attended the race in the on-road and also in the off-road categories.

Stock category

I could finish first in the qualifying ranking with precise driving, even though in Q3 the rental motor which I got from the organizer stopped in one of the last laps. Fortunately the opponents couldn't improve their previous results. I started the finals a bit nervous because of the switched motor, this resulted in me made a mistake in the last lap, so my teammate won the first final. In the 2nd and 3rd final I could stay in the lead with precise driving and won both finals and secured the final victory.

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Stock Top 3:
1. János Birinyi – XRAY T4
2. PĂ©ter MikĂł – XRAY T4

3. Simon Ciudan

Modified category:

I was having a well going Friday testing right at the track just before the event. The phase seemed to be good and the car was working well, although it was difficult to find the right setup because of the changing conditions as the on and off road cars were using the same carpet in half an hour periods. Saturday I finished 2nd in two finals and also finish 2nd on the podium at the end of the day.

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Modified Top3:
1. Bálint Rajki
2. Zsolt Kálnay – XRAY T4
3. Dániel Dunavölgyi

4wd Buggy:

Zsolt Bajusz had very good finals. He won one of them and finished 2nd in the other one, but unfortunately he missed the overall win by time and he finished 2nd.

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4wd Buggy top 3:
1. Ădám Izsay
2. Zsolt Bajusz – XRAY XB4
3. Péter Loncsár

Buggy stock Junior:

Zsolt Bajusz Jr. confidently secured the TQ position and won all three finals with one or even more laps lead!

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Buggy Stock Junior:
1. Zsolt Ifj.Bajusz – XRAY XB4
2. Dániel Sági
3. Zsombor Fekete

World GT 13.5:

Gábor Lehner was starting from the TQ position on the grid. He won the first final and finished second in the next one during close battles. He could secure the overall win at the end of the day.

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World GT Top 3:
1. Gábor Lehner – XRAY X10
2. Gábor László
3. BendegĂşz Gyulai