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Report for modified class by Mathieu Briere:
This weekend, the club of Lentilly close to Lyon held the first round of French Nationals.

In modified:
I managed set the fastest times on 5min run and on the best 3 consecutive laps which resulted as a first place after reseeding.

In qualifications, I managed a 5th overall position, the speed was there but some problems and mistakes didn’t allow me to have a better overall result. TQ was for Alexandre Laurent (XRAY) who made 2 TQ out of 5 and managed the fastest overall time!

For the Finals, rain arrived just before the first final. I finished 8th of the first final with only 2second gap between me and 4th position. This result was ok as it was the first time I drove TC car on wet track. This final was taken back Loic Jasmin in front of Alex Laurent (XRAY)

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Second final was half wet/half dry, I only did 2 practice laps until my electronic stopped working, because of rain earlier. Cyril N'Diaye took this final in front of Alex Laurent

In the third final, track was dry and car was very good but I had to retire after a few laps because of technical problem. Alex Laurent took the first place in front of Loic Jasmin which allowed him to secure the overall win!

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1. Alexandre Laurent – XRAY T4
2. Loic Jasmin
3. Cyril N'Diaye
4. Jeremy Limoges - XRAY T4
5. Luca Urbain
6. Maxime Favrelle
7. Hugo Ragaut
8. Nicolas Schwendimann
9. Manuel Wagner - XRAY T4
10. Mathieu Briere - XRAY T4

Report for stock class by Pierre Delorme:
In stock class, after reseeding, 3 XRAYs seed in top 10: Pierre Delorme (Me) 2nd, Romain Delaunay 3rd and Jean Delorme 4th. Our cars worked awesome with used tires but they weren't set for new tires and the first two round of qualis were very difficult to drive with a gap of one second on a lap! Me and my brother achieved a quite good 3rd qualification and we were sitting 12th and 17th Saturday night when Romain was top the qualis with two poles!
Sunday morning we did some setup changes to increase rear traction and we managed to start 7th and 8th in A-Main!

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Just before the finals it started raining, using our rain preparation stuff we had a perfect car! Starting 7th I passed each competitor and took the win with a small gap on Alex Kunkler, my brother finished 4th. In the second final I had a sensor problem at the start on the grid, a marshal had to push my car to start the motor loosing 5sec. My car worked awesome on the wet track and I managed to get on the second spot behind my brother on the last minute racing! On the last lap he let me pass and take the overall win! That was a Team win!
I couldn't wish a better start for the outdoor season!

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Overall results:
1. P. Delorme - XRAY T4
2. Soulignac
3. Kunkler - XRAY T4
4. J. Delorme- XRAY T4

5. J. Delalondre
6. N. Lemoine
7. S. Favrelle
8. J. Nicol - XRAY T4
9. M. Picaude - XRAY T4
10. R. Delaunay - XRAY T4