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Race report by Mike Gosvig
The start of the buggy season was held in Bramming in the indoor horse hall, like last year.

The track has always a new fun layout, and special on this track, is that there is almost no traction, so setup on this track is very important and so is the smooth driving.

The track had some big jumps and tricky jump section, there was no driver who could drive without a single mistake on this part of the track.

First day was Electric buggy on schedule, with 4 rounds of qualy and 3 best count. My car was very good, and I took the overall TQ, with 3 rounds of TQ in front of Magnus Frandsen, who won the class last year. We had a lot of good battles last year and this will continue in this season for sure.

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After Qualifying:
1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY XB8E
2. Magnus Frandsen
3. Henning Warner
4. Jan Hansen
5. Rasmus Petersen – XRAY XB8E
6. Michael Marcussen
7. Niels Hansen
8. Andreas Olsen
9. Morten Krogh
10. Ole Klinge


In the first two finals I had some bad luck and Magnus just drove his own clean race to win the first two finals, to win the overall round. My car was very good in the last final, and I was able to make the fastest final of the race to take the 2nd place overall.

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Saturday night after the Electric race was done, we had some nitro practice. I needed to run the car and my FX engine in before the race, so I was ready for race day.

My car was very good after some laps, so I did 10minutes of practice, and I felt very confident with my package. The XB8 of Peter Harder was also showing very strong pace, we tested some small things before the race this night.

Sunday morning was first open practice and again my XRAY XB8’15 was feeling very good – going directly to the qualys after practice, it was again 3 out of 4 rounds that were counted

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In the first round I was just taking it easy, trying to find my rhythm, after few minutes I could hear it was Peter Harder who was in the front spot. I tried to go a little faster, and after the qualys there was only 2 tenths gap between me and Peter, so I took the first round with Peter right after, Silas Hoegholt is former Danish champion in the class and got back after some years, and he was totally ready to fight for the win. The day before he won the Truggy class! Attending from Norway was the fast Lars-Erik Mo, who also was very fast, but had some problems in Q1. Q2 was almost like Q1 I took the lead ahead of Peter, this time with 2 seconds. The Q3 all drivers made many mistakes, I think the grip was a bit higher so you needed to drive smoother, also track was getting rougher. In the start of Q3 I was in front with Peter Harder in 2nd. I made some mistakes where I needed to be marshalled, and Peter seemed to have things in control, but in the last lap Peter was upside down after the big jump, so I could take this round even with a lot of mistakes, in front of Jan Hansen and Peter Harder. I got the overall TQ, so the last round was about the other drivers getting their place in semifinals. In Q4 Peter was on full throttle, to make very fast lap times, he took the TQ with the fastest 5 minutes TQ run of the day, I came in the 2nd spot after a few mistakes.
In the semifinals, it was Peter and me starting from the first positions, this position we hold to take the 1st and 2nd spot on the main final grid.

Finals: I had very bad start, a lot of cars into the first corner is not a good thing, and my car ended up in the fence, and I was almost a half lap behind the leader before I got free from the fence. Now I was 10th, and I had only one way to go, so I put some pressure on, and after 10-15 minutes I have made my move back to the 2nd place behind Peter. On my way up I had a lot of good battles but I was only thinking about to catch Peter! I made the fastest lap times of the race, so my package was very good!

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Peter and I had a long battle, Peter had 2 mechanics, and I had only 1. They were maybe 1,5-2 seconds faster in the pitstops, so after every pitstop I needed to catch Peter again. One time I catch Peter and made my move to the front, directly after I went to the pit lane for some fuel, the lap after was Peter in for fuel, but again Peter was 10-15 meters in front of me. With 8-10 minutes to go I made 2 small mistakes and needed to be marshalled. After this Peter knew, if he just drive safe he had the win in his bag! Peter kept his head cool and took the win in front of me and Lars-Erik Mo and Silas Hoegholt.

I want to say big thanks to Peter Harder for the awesome teamwork and one of the best off-road races I have ever raced.

I also want to thanks all my sponsors for the support! And my mechanic Bjarne Petersson for awesome pitting!

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Standings After a-main:
1. Peter Harder – XRAY XB8
2. Mike Gosvig - XRAY XB8

3. Lars-Erik Mo
4. Silas Hoegholt
5. Jan Hansen
6. Pelle Culmsee
7. Magnus Frandsen
8. Henning Warner
9. Nicolai Lamberts
10. Tim Culmsee

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